The Customs of Christmas

The Santa Claus Misadventures

Neither the Montoya (1), Holly (4), nor Bowers (7) child was 1st on Santa's lap, so either the Donner or Snow child was. Alexis isn't the Donner or Snow child (8), so she didn't go first. By clue 1, then, Alexis was the 2nd or 3rd child to talk to Mr. Claus. If Alexis had been 2nd to go, then the Montoya child (1) would have gone 3rd or later, as would have the Holly child in clue 4. Since Alexis isn't the Donner or Snow toddler (8), she would be Alexis Bowers. Then the child who pulled on the jolly elf's beard would have been the 1st one on Santa's lap (7) and would be the Donner or Snow child – no (2). So, Alexis was the 3rd of the five children to sit on Santa Claus's lap. By clue 1, the Montoya child went 4th and the toddler who tripped an fell over Santa's boots was 5th. If Alexis were the Bowers child, by clue 4, the Holly child would have been last to visit Santa, and the child who pulled Santa's beard would have been either the Donner or Snow child (7) – no (2). So, since Alexis isn't the Bowers child and isn't the Donner or Snow toddler (8), Alexis is the Holly child. By clue 4, then, Christy was 2nd on St. Nick's knee and the child who stood 3 ft. away was 1st to go up to Santa's chair. By clue 7, the Montoya child pulled on Santa's beard, and the Bowers child tripped leaving Santa. Steven is the Montoya child (3). Jonathan stood 3 ft. away from Santa before being coaxed to approach (6). By elimination, Danny is the Bowers child. Christy didn't cry on Santa's lap (9); Alexis did, and Christy refused to get off Santa's knee. By clue 5, Jonathan is the Snow and Christy the Donner toddler. The five misadventures with Santa Claus occurred in order 1st to 5th as follows:

  1. Jonathan Snow, stood 3 ft. away
  2. Christy Donner, wouldn't get off Santa's lap
  3. Alexis Holly, cried the whole time
  4. Steven Montoya, pulled Santa's beard
  5. Danny Bowers, tripped over Santa Claus's boots

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